Facilities and Services

  • Individual Kennel Rooms - Your dog will have a kennel room to themselves, we do not use the "buddy" system.  They will not be forced to share with an unknown dog and can eat and sleep in peace.  If you have two dogs they can of course share a room and receive a discount on the second dog provided they live together normally and do not need to be separated to eat.   
  • Hammock Style Bed - all kennels are supplied with a hammock style bed for each dog.  We have plenty of blankets available for cold nights but you are also welcome to bring some of your dog's own bedding if you think they would like some familiar smells to help drift off to sleep.
  • Warm in Winter and cool in Summer - our kennels are carefully designed with a sheltered sleeping area and courtyard under the main roof.   The roof itself is high and lined with quality fibreglass insulation which makes the kennels cool in summer and helps to keep out winter chills.  For the extra hot days of summer we also have a misting system installed and for icy winter nights  we have double layered polar fleece "pyjamas" in all sizes to keep every guest cosy.

Bathing and grooming

Dogs staying ten (10) calendar days or longer will receive a free hydrobath (and blow dry in inclement weather) on departure. For long term stays dogs will be bathed as necessary to keep them looking and feeling good.

Dogs with very thick coats or those that are difficult to handle and refuse to tolerate the dryer will not be bathed in cold/wet weather.

Requests to hydrobath your dog on stays less than 10 days will be accommodated if possible.

Some basic grooming can also be accommodated upon request, however we are not a grooming salon and this service is very limited.

I endeavour to return your dog in as good condition as when it arrived. Well kept, matt free coats will be kept in the same condition. Dogs arriving with matted and unkempt coats will not be groomed unless requested and additional fees will apply. I do not "brush out" matted coats as I don't believe in putting the dogs through unnecessary pain and discomfort. Hence most matts will likely be cut out.

- Hydrobath and blow dry
 (boarding 10+ days)  = Free
- Hydrobath and blow dry
(boarding less than 10 days) = $20

Pet Taxi

Pick up and/or delivery to your home can be arranged.  Available by appointment Monday to Friday between 11am and 2pm only.

Rates quoted below are for one trip only.
ie - if pick up AND delivery required then charge will be 2 x $ rate.

Within 30km radius of Greenacre Kennels
$35 each way

30 - 60km radius of Greenacre Kennels
$60 each way