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Greenacre Kennels are of brick and iron construction.  The kennel complex is well ventilated but free from draughts.  The roof is 3.1m high (over 10ft!) and a minimum of 2.55m (over 8ft) at its lowest point.  The high roof combined with quality fibreglass insulation ensures the kennels are cosy in winter and yet also cool and comfortable in summer.

Each regular kennel is 4.85m by 1.2m, (almost 6 square metres) fully covered and divided into an indoor sleeping area and an outside toilet area.  The sleeping area has 1.95m high walls, whilst the outside has walls to 1.15m and then strong mesh to 2.1m.  This provides complete privacy to your pet and prevents intimidation or harassment from nosey "neighbours"!  It also ensures your dog will not be peed on nor will they be exposed to the dirty wash water from the adjoining kennel.

The end of each kennel is mesh from floor to roof, making the kennel complex extremely safe and secure and also allowing a view out for the dogs.

We also have four extra large kennels of 4.85m by 1.45m (approx 7 1/4 square metres) which can comfortably house two Extra Large sized dogs.

Kennels are thoroughly cleaned every morning and picked up/hosed throughout the day as needed.  Between guests they are disinfected and cleaned with a high pressure washer.


We currently have 10 areas in which to exercise the dogs.

  • Two "paddocks" of approximately 35 x 18 metres (630 sqm) - One of which is reticulated and slowly being grassed. Both areas have plenty of big trees for shade

  • 5 yards each of approximately 100 sqm, reticulated and partly grassed.

  • another adjoining area of approximately 250sqm which is earmarked for future development into 5 new exercise areas..

  • Two "small dog areas" one of which is 6 x 22m ( 132 sqm), and the other 6x6m (36sqm). Both fully grassed/reticulated

  • Lastly the "front paddock" area in front of the kennels which is used for the dogs during the times when we are closed.




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