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If you want to see where your dog will be staying, kennel inspections are welcome. However my first priority is to the dogs already boarding with us so there are some restrictions.

Inspections are available by appointment Monday to Friday afternoons only, generally scheduled between 3 and 5pm. Appointments are required as I am very busy either caring for the dogs or checking clients in and out.

An appointment means I am able to schedule enough time to show you around and answer any questions you may have without rushing you. Many of the dogs get very excited when strange people come through the kennels which makes them bark a lot and raises stress levels. In order to try and minimise noise and stress levels, appointments allow me to strategically place some of the more raucous guests outside in the exercise areas. As that is their usual exercise time it does not upset their routine.

With the safety and comfort of our canine guests in mind, inspections are not available during school holiday periods, on public holiday weekends, when the forecast temperature for the day is 33C or more or if it is raining/stormy.


When coming to inspect...

Please leave your dog at home, you will not be allowed to walk it through the kennels.

We do not allow children under 16 years to inspect the kennels.

Do not touch any of the boarding dogs whilst inspecting the kennel. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers and you risk being bitten.

I ask that you do not visit any other kennels on the same day prior to inspecting ours. This is due to the fact I often have very young puppies of my own and visiting multiple kennels increases the risk of you bringing in germs and virus' on your shoes and clothes that may cause illness in such young babies. If you have been to other kennels you will be required to dip your shoes in disinfectant before entering.

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