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Boarding rates

Daily rate is "per calendar day" - inclusive of both the day the dog arrives and the day they go home, regardless of the time of arrival/departure.
(minimum boarding charge is 2 days)

Please Note:- All INTACT MALES 9 months of age and older are subject to an additional fee of $5 per day (this includes dogs that have had a vasectomy or suprelorin implant).

Rates current at 30/11/2018 and subject to change.

Any rate rises will be noted here at least 4 weeks BEFORE they come into effect.

First dog Second dog* Third dog*
Small: less than 10kg
$20 per day
Intact male $25pd 
$14 per day
Intact male $19pd 

$14 per day
Intact male $19pd

Medium/Large: 10 - 40kg
$23 per day
Intact male $28pd 

$14 per day
Intact male $19pd 


Extra Large: over 40kg

$25 per day 
Intact male $30pd 
$14 per day 
Intact male $19pd 

* sharing the same kennel run.

* Dogs must be normally resident in the same house to share a kennel.
They must be able to be fed together (approx 3m apart) - if they have to be separated for feeding then individual kenneling rates will apply.

If your dogs are different sizes then the larger and or entire dog is classed as the "First dog".
ie- large dog and small dog sharing (both desexed) = $23per day + 14 per day = $37 per day total.

Greenacre Kennels reserve the right to separate sharing dogs at their discretion if deemed necessary and normal individual boarding rates will apply.

Maximum number of dogs to share each kennel
All under 10kg
3 dogs
1 or more over 10kg 2 dogs


We accept payment by cash or direct debit. For stays less than 28 days payment may be made either up front or upon collection. For stays over 28 days a minimum of 50% of the total must be paid when dropping your dog off.

Long term stays are payable monthly in advance.

If paying by direct debit the full payment must have been deposited into Greenacre Kennels bank account prior to collecting your dog. Please contact us for our account details.

We do not have EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities.

Long term discounts

We offer the following discount for long term stays.

To qualify for the discount, 100% boarding fees must be paid up front.

Discounts do not apply during peak holiday time. ie- Xmas from 24th December to 2nd January, Easter Holidays and WA Public Holiday weekends.

less than 4 weeks No discount
more than 4 weeks 10% discount to daily rate
Please note: not all dogs are suited to long term boarding (more than 4 weeks).
We usually require that the dog is a repeat customer to qualify for a long term boarding stay, however all dogs will be assessed on an individual basis.
Please contact us to discuss your dog and requirements.

Bathing and Grooming

Dogs staying ten (10) calendar days or longer will receive a free hydrobath (and blow dry in inclement weather) on departure. For long term stays dogs will be bathed as necessary to keep them looking and feeling good.

Dogs with very thick coats or those that are difficult to handle and refuse to tolerate the dryer will not be bathed in cold/wet weather.

Requests to hydrobath your dog on stays less than 10 days will be accommodated if possible.

Some basic grooming can also be accommodated upon request, however we are not a grooming salon and this service is very limited.

I endeavour to return your dog in as good condition as when it arrived. Well kept, knot free coats will be kept in the same condition. Dogs arriving with matted and unkempt coats will not be groomed unless requested and additional fees will apply. I do not "brush out" matted coats as I don't believe in putting the dogs through unnecessary pain and discomfort. Hence most matts will likely be cut out.

Hydrobath and blow dry (boarding 10+ days) Free
Hydrobath and blow dry (boarding less than 10 days) $20
Grooming (charge is dependant on the condition of the coat) $30 to $150

Pick Up and Delivery

Pick up and/or delivery to your home can be arranged.
Available by appointment Monday to Friday between 11am and 2pm only.
Rates quoted below are for one trip only.
ie - if pick up AND delivery required then charge will be 2 x $ rate.



Within 30km radius of Greenacre Kennels                         

$35 each way

30 - 60km radius of Greenacre Kennels                                  

$60 each way
Perth Airport                                          $80 flat rate each way (available 24hrs)

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Please Note - we have limited opening hours over the Christmas/New Year period.

Minimum charge for bookings between 21/12 and 2/1 is SEVEN (7) days. You don't have to leave your dog for the full 7 days but the charge will still be 7x daily rate.

Xmas 2018 Opening Hours for drop off and collection

23/12/18 normal hours
24/12/18 8am - 10am only
25/12/18 Closed
26/12/18 Closed
27/12/18 8-9am and 4-5pm
28/12/18 8-9am and 4-5pm
29/12/18 8-9am and 4-5pm
30/12/18 4-5pm only
31/12/18 8-9am only
1/1/19 Closed
2/1/19 3-6pm only
3/1/19 normal hours

Please check your dates carefully. All bookings made for the months of December and January will be charged for the full amount of the booked period even if you drop off late or collect early.


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